Teak Oil on oak

A comparison of Teak Oil, Danish Oil, and Pure Tung Oil on oak.

We make supply a range of our high quality Bestwood oils for the protection of wood. Below is a simple comparison of three of our most popular products applied on oak, highlighting the benefits and differences with each:

TEAK WOOD OIL Tung/Linseed Oil blend 4 to 6 hours per coat Sheen/Glossy
DANISH OIL over 50% Tung Oil 4 to 6 hours per coat Low Sheen
PURE TUNG OIL 100%  Tung Oil 24 to 48 hours per coat Low Sheen

Whether you are looking for a low sheen finish, or prefer something a little glossier. If you want a pure natural oil with absolutely nothing added, or if you prefer a quicker drying time, these oils will give you a choice.

teak oil on oak
teak oil on oak

All the oils are food and toy safe when dry. They all have a low odour when drying, and none when dry.

danish oil on oak
danish oil on oak

The Oils are all water resistant yet microporous, allowing wood to ‘breathe’ naturally, maintaining stability with its surroundings.

tung oil on oak
tung oil on oak

All products are naturally stain resistant, and resistant to food and alcohol.

All the oils will penetrate deep into wood (Pure Tung Oil will need thinning initially), feeding, protecting and nourishing dry timber from within.

We only use the natural drying oils Pure Tung Oil and First Quality Pale Boiled Linseed Oil in our Teak Oil, we don’t use artificial varnish or resins.

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