About us

Our Story

Quality, service, value.

We have been supplying our top quality woodcare products to trade users and joinery manufacturers for almost twenty years.

Our company was established in January 2002. For many years before that we worked in the paint industry at the ‘sharp end’ on technical and sales, before we decided to ‘take the plunge’ and go it alone.

The company initially acted as a paint merchant, but, knowing how paint is made, how much things should cost, and how good they could be, we quickly became frustrated with the average quality and high prices of the products we were being supplied by some of the better known paint manufacturers.

Within a few months we were being asked why we couldn’t supply our own products to meet customers specific needs. Before the end of 2002 we were manufacturing paint at the back of our small shop on a retail park near Nottingham.

In 2003 we moved to one of our current industrial units on Wigwam Lane in Hucknall, near Nottingham, and manufacturing became our main operation.

We have grown steadily over the last eighteen years, but we are still very much ‘hands on’. All our manufactured wood products and oils are made and filled by hand. This way can check our products every step of the way, from raw materials to the finished item. It keeps us all busy, and it just ‘feels’ better that products we regard as top quality, supplied in limited quantities and using the best raw materials, should be hand made.