what is teak oil?

Teak Oil with UV protection

Bestwood finest quality Teak Wood Oil, or Teak Oil with UV, gives superior protection to teak garden furniture and most other hardwoods,  both inside and out. It soaks in to the wood to protect it from within, replacing natural resins lost through age and weathering. With a unique blend of Pure NaturalTung Oil and Linseed Oil, with added UV absorbers to give extra protection outside,

It is easy to apply and its high solids formula means you will get the same results in two or three coats that would need five or six coats with other Teak Oils. This saves you time, and effort, and puts much less solvent into the air! The Oil penetrates deep into the pores of new wood, nourishing, protecting and adding water repellency. It has a rich, slightly glossy, finish which highlights the grain and brings out the natural warmth and beauty of the wood.

oiled teak garden furniture

Teak Oil has added UV absorbers, which work by converting the harmful UV wavelengths in sunlight into harmless infra-red, which slows down the natural ageing of wood, and prolong its life.

Teak Oil has the following benefits:

  • Higher solids means fewer coats, the Oil has twice the solids of most well known brands  and typically will do the same in 2 or 3 coats that you would need 5 or 6 coats for elsewhere. This means you save time, put less solvent into the air, and garden furniture will be back in use much quicker,  with a rich, even finish.
  • The Oil penetrates deep into wood, protecting and nourishing from the inside out.
  • It is naturally water resistant, yet microporous to water vapour, with no artificial varnish or resins, allowing the wood to ‘breathe’.
  • Application is easy, using a clean lint-free cloth, or a good quality brush.
  • We use added UV absorbers, which will dramatically slow down the greying, splitting and splintering of cells at the wood surface caused by sunlight.
  • The dry Oil will not crack, chip, flake, peel or blister.
  • The  finish enhances the natural beauty of wood, bringing out the grain, and giving an attractive, slightly glossy finish.
  • There is a low odour when drying, and none at all when the Oil is dry.
  • It is dirt and stain resistant, and resists food and wine stains.
  • Dries in 6-8 hours per coat.

Regular application will keep wood looking good for many years.

teak oil cans

Why  call it Teak Oil?

Teak Wood Oil is made from natural oils, and it protects and enriches teak and other hardwoods, hence ‘Teak Oil’.

Please note that Teak Oil is not extracted from teak trees. Teak is a naturally oily wood, which in part accounts for its long-term ability to withstand weathering, but the oils stay within the wood.  Our Teak Oil is made for use with teak, not from teak!

Where to use Teak Oil.

teak oiled bench

Bestwood Teak Oil is very versatile for use on almost any wooden surface, inside or out. These include including furniture, skirting boards, gates, childrens play areas, hardwood decking etc..!

The Oil will give a rich, slightly glossy finish to planed wood. It protects from within and enhancing the appearance of the wood without using any artificial varnish or resins.

For improved exterior performance, our Teak Oil also has added free radical scavengers.  These absorb naturally occuring free radicals produced at the surface of the wood, which accelerate ageing by breakdown of lignin in the wood cells.

Our Oil is water, food and alcohol resistant. Spills can be wiped away. Any liquid spills should be wiped off straight away.

It is easy to maintain. Application of one or two coats every year will keep wood looking ‘fresh’. Damaged areas are easy to repair by reapplication.

The Oil is naturally microporous, allowing moisture vapour in and out, which lets the wood ‘breathe’. This allows the wood to achieve equilibrium with its surroundings, and makes it much less susceptible to warping and splitting.

As an example of applying Teak Oil to hardwoods, we applied it to an Iroko block, as shown below:

Surface preparation.

This was a new block, and the wood was clean and dry. To get the best surface for oiling we flatted the wood down with 100 grit paper, then used 200 grit paper, finishing in the direction of the grain with both. We wiped over the wood with white spirit to remove any sawdust, and left it overnight to dry.

Applying the first coat of Teak Oil to an Iroko block

Application, coats 1 to 3.

We applied each coat of oil with a clean lint-free cotton cloth. The first coat was quite generous as the wood was very dry. We worked the Oil into the wood in a figure of eight pattern, and finished in the direction of the grain.

If the oil is to be left to dry overnight before the next coat, any excess oil should be removed with a lint-free cloth.  This time though, we applied the second coat ‘wet on wet’ after about 30 minutes.

Applying a second coat of Teak Oil  ‘wet on wet’

We applied the second coat more sparingly, and finished in the direction of the grain again. After 30 minutes we wiped over the wood with  a clean cloth, to even the oil out and remove any excess. Then we left it overnight to dry, before applying a third and final coat. We wiped off the excess oil after 30 minutes,  and finished in the direction of the grain, to give a nice even coat.

Three coats of Bestwood Teak Oil, when dry

We left the oil to dry for 24 hours.  The photo tries to capture the sheen on the wood, and the rich depth the oil gives to the grain.

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